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Рlate heat exchangers in the food industry

• Heater before hydration, neutralization (heated with steam, water, or hot oil);
• Heater before bleaching;
• Heater / Cooler during freezing;
• Heater before deaeration;
• Heater / Cooler before and after the deodorizer.

• Heater filtered out of the wort before boiling;
• The hopped wort chiller;
• The cooler "green" beer;
• Heater/The cooler in front of the residue;
• Pasteurizer;
• Yeast cooler.

Plate heat exchangers in the milk industry

• Cooling / heating milk and cream;
• Pasteurization of milk and cream;
• Pasteurization, cooling the mixture of ice cream;
• Cooling / heating yogurt;
• Serum cooling / heating.

Plate heat exchangers in chemical and petroleum industries

• Heating of raw process liquids and gases;
• Condenser of upper products of rectification columns and stabilization columns;
• Circulation irrigation;
• Heat exchanger of auxiliary units (administrative and household complexes, heat transfer units, solvent and absorbent regeneration units);
• Heater in the raw material heating units of oil products discharge systems.