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E8 company develops and produces plate heat exchangers and spare parts (gaskets and plates). Our company has many years of experience in manufacturing, selection and supply of spare parts for all brands and models of plate heat exchangers used in industrial, energy and other fields.

E8 knows all from the mold designing, raw material control, producing process – plates stamping and gaskets vulcanizing, till end product selled by E8 trade mark, and how the PHE operates with E8 spare parts. We know all about the spare parts and ready to provide you with our knowledge and the final product.


• Our gaskets have been successfully tested in the laboratory for thermal aging. For example the tests made with EPDM gasket shows that gasket’s properties will not change more than allowed after 72 hours in 150 degrees in dry conditions and doesn’t changed after 72 hours in 100 degrees in wet air.
• Our gasket work for 8-10 years until it should be changed, depending mainly on the operating data, operating pressure and operating temperature.
• Our gaskets are interchangeable with 100% models of heat exchangers. It is confirmed by 9 years of experience of E8 service department. All we offer and sell we touched by our hands and know how to use in correct way.
• 95% of the gaskets are clip-on, which is convenient for maintenance. And only 5% of the gaskets are glued type gaskets for certain manufacturers of PHE or special applications.


• E8 produced and supplied plates are regularly and successfully tested in the laboratory for compliance of the plate material with the current steel standards. The test show that final product is OK for example for AISI 316 or AISI316L, SMO254, Hastelloy C-276, Titanium etc.
• The service life of E8 supplied plates is limited only by the service life of the heat exchanger (about 15 years).
• Our plates are interchangeable with all models of heat exchangers, which is confirmed by 9 years of experience of the E8 service department in Russia.